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Get Tile & Grout Cleaning in Red Deer from Advanced Cleaning Solutions

Your new tile shower or bathroom floor looks great, but to make sure it stays that way you’ll want to get your tile and grout cleaned by the professionals. At Advanced Cleaning Solutions we clean all types of tile and grout cleaning. We use specially designed high heat rotary tools for all types of Tile, Concrete and other hard surfaces. Resealing after cleaning is highly recommened. A properly sealed grout will not let the stains and dirt penetrate, allowing for a much better cleaning in the future.


Why Seal Grout & Tile?

While grout is a sturdy substance, it is porous which means it is not water resistant. Tiles, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, can become vulnerable to mould and mildew if your tile and grout is not sealed properly. Protect your beautiful tile shower or kitchen floor from stains and moisture infiltration by getting it sealed by Advanced Cleaning Solutions.


Even with sealants, over the years your tiles can become stained, especially in showers or widely used spaces like restaurants. That’s why Advanced Cleaning Solutions use the best cleaning solutions to get your tiles shining like new. We remove dirt and grime from your tiles and grout which improves the appearance of your space and increases its lifespan.


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Tile & Grout
Tile & Grout